Turn Back the Clock with BOTOX in San Diego

Turn Back the Clock with BOTOX in San Diego

There’s a simple reason why BOTOX® remains the number one cosmetic injectable in the world. It works, period. The treatment can perform a variety of beauty changes, but most famously, it allows you to look rested, vibrant and wrinkle-free. Best of all, the treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical and administered in-office to clients all across San Diego.

Aesthetic Game-Changer

BOTOX® has been around for a number of years now and received FDA approval as a cosmetic treatment in 2002. The injectable was used to primarily soften and smooth away the glabellar lines, or the two vertical frown lines found between the eyebrows. The injections at these points have the ability to temporarily block nerve impulses to relax the contraction of the forehead muscles. Within a few days, amazing results begin to take place.

Youthful Face and Neck

When properly injected, BOTOX® can deliver a radiant complexion that is smooth and appears to be several years younger. By arresting the damage caused by general aging, the cosmetic treatment can make fine lines and wrinkles disappear for several months in a single session. BOTOX® is excellent at ironing away severe, horizontal forehead lines and those around the eyes (crow’s feet). The injectable can also be administered into the neck bands to soften them.

Consistent Use

The beauty in BOTOX® is not only for smoothing the appearance of wrinkles but to also help keep them from advancing. The earlier you begin with the injections the better as BOTOX® prevents the wrinkles from deepening and becomes a preventative beauty treatment. Skin care experts recommend on keeping up with the injections to help maintain a smooth, more youthful complexion. One treatment session can keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay for up to six months.

The beauty procedure is so popular that more than 7 million BOTOX® treatments were performed in 2017 in the United States alone. In addition, the injectable is being used for therapeutic means; it can halt excessive sweating and migraines, for instance.

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Turning back the clock is easy when you choose the finest experts to help you achieve your personal beauty goals. Here at E Med Spa, we take great pride in our skilled professionals who perform BOTOX® and other noninvasive, aesthetic treatments. We proudly serve San Diego, CA with locations in El Cajon and Rancho San Diego, and we can help you see how smoothing away the wrinkles can boost your self-confidence and welcome in a younger-looking you. Contact us today to set up your consultation!