Dr. Guillermo Castillo, MD

Dr. Guillermo Castillo is Board certified in Family Medicine. He completed residency at The University of San Diego Medical Center. Dr. Castillo’s areas of clinical expertise include preventive and integrative medicine, as well as Aesthetics. In nearly 20 years of practice, Dr. Castillo has amassed experience in every aspect of the health care delivery system. His strategy expertise lies in the integration of genomics and technology to deliver individually tailored health solutions to everyone.

Stacey Little, PA-C

Pricilla Pinero, NP

James Zapf, NP

Sajia, RN

Veneta Simon East MSN,RN

Veneta Simon’ Easter, MSN, RN – Practice Manager

Neva, RN

Dona, Medical Assistant

Rona, Medical Assistant

Karla, Medical Assistant

Shi H, Esthetician

Sal, Patient Care Coordinator