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Best Teeth Whitening San DiegoBest Teeth Whitening San Diego

Having a radiantly white smile is a common desire for many patients. However, regular consumption of darker beverages, the natural aging process, or a weak enamel can cause the teeth to gradually become dull and less white. At E Med Spa, our goal is to help each one of our patients achieve their aesthetic goals through non-invasive and effective treatments. For patients looking to revive their smile, we offer personalized teeth whitening treatments, the Best Teeth Whitening San Diego!

What is Best Teeth Whitening San Diego?

It is possible that you are pleased with the size and alignment of your teeth. However, overtime you may have noticed your teeth becoming dull or yellowed on the surfaces. With our  specialized tooth whitening treatments, you can reclaim a white and beautiful smile in-office or at-home. Teeth whitening is an advanced method for lifting and diminishing stains on the surface of teeth. Through our advanced teeth whitening methods, a radiant smile may be achievable in as little as a single treatment.

How Does it Work?

There are two primary methods that are used to effectively whiten teeth. Intrinsic teeth whitening is designed to whiten the inner structures of teeth. This is performed using a specialized whitening substance. This advanced method is efficient and provide a white smile because when the inner layers of teeth are white, the color is reflected through the outer enamel. This is the perfect remedy to have your teeth shining radiantly from the inside out.

The second method is known as extrinsic whitening. This is effective at easily removing stains on the surface of teeth. Extrinsic whitening can be used to correct surface stains left behind from food, drinks, or smoking. The result is a smile that is whiter and polished.

Treatment Options for Best Teeth Whitening San Diego

During an initial consultation with one of our skilled professionals, the most efficient treatment option for you is determined. The process involves determining if you are experiencing intrinsic or extrinsic yellowing. Once it is determined if your stains derive from the inside out or on the surface, the appropriate method is performed. At E Med Spa, we perform superior teeth whitening in the comfort of our office. Treatments are rather quick, comfortable, and will leave you with a smile that is as beautiful as you are.

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