How Many CoolSculpting Sessions Do You Need?

How Many CoolSculpting Sessions Do You Need?

Are you tired of stubborn fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise? Have you tried everything and you just cannot rid yourself of those love handles? The good news is the medical team E Med Spa in San Diego has the answer you need; body contouring with CoolSculpting Technology. This state-of-the-art treatment uses controlled cooling crystalize and eliminate unwanted body fat permanently.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to target the fat cells underneath the skin. These treatments are performed in a medical office by a licensed professional. CoolSculpting systems have built-in safety systems that detect if the temperature of the skin is getting too cold and will shut down automatically if it reaches a high temperature.

CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that delivers a cooling treatment to the targeted problem areas of the body. This treatment will freeze the fat cells and causes no damage to the surrounding tissues. The best part of this treatment is that the fat cells from your targeted area are eliminated permanently, and this will decrease your ability to regain fat cells in the treated area.

The licensed practitioner will use a special tool to freeze and crystallize the fat cells using the cooling therapy. During the treatment session, you can relax, check your phone, watch videos or even take a nap. The best news is there is no downtime required after treatment and you can resume your daily activities as soon as you leave the treatment center.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

We can do this treatment on different problem areas of the body, like:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back rolls
  • Double chin
  • Arms


How Many CoolSculpting Sessions Do I Need?

A typical treatment session takes 35-45 minutes. Expect to spend more time in the medical spa if you are having more than one area treated. The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient and depends on a variety of factors.

Most patients require 2-3 treatments per targeted area, although this depends on each patient’s individual needs. The number of sessions needed depends on how large the targeted area is, the amount of fat that needs to be eliminated and other factors. One treatment session usually reduces the targeted fat by 20% in the treatment area.

When Will I See Results?

You will notice dramatic results after about 2 months of treatment, although changes will be noticeable after around 3 weeks. For optimal results, allow your body up to 6 months to get rid of all unwanted fat cells. It takes time for your lymphatic system to absorb and flush out the fat cells.

Is the Treatment Safe?

This fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-cleared,* non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The treatment is FDA approved for the abdomen and love handles as wells as arms, rolls, and double-chin.

There have been over 1 million treatments performed worldwide, making it a safe alternative and a favorite amongst patients for non-surgical body sculpting treatment options.

Am I a Good Candidate?

It is important to remember CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment. It is a fat reduction technology that gets rid of fat cells for good. If you are considering this body contouring treatment, here are some signs you might be a good candidate:

  • You’re near your target weight
  • You have fat won’t budge with diet and exercise alone
  • You’re healthy
  • You’re not pregnant
  • You can “pinch an inch” or more of fat in the area
  • You understand the treatment



This revolutionary fat-freezing technology has many benefits and has become a popular choice of non-invasive treatment for body fat reduction. It is a quick and simple procedure that requires no downtime, and you can resume your daily activities as soon as you leave the treatment center.

It provides natural-looking results as your body eliminates the frozen fat cells gradually. The treatment is virtually painless and there are no needles involved. Once the area becomes numb, the treatment session will be easy and you can relax, watch videos on your phone, answer emails or even take a nap. Before you know it, your treatment session will be over and you can go back to your day with no downtime.

CoolSculpting in San Diego

CoolSculpting is FDA approved to treat 9 different problem areas. It is a non-invasive treatment that boosts self-confidence. If you cannot get rid of fat from problem areas with diet and exercise, this cooling technology will help you get the results you want. The results are long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Best of all, it is a more affordable alternative to liposuction or other fat reduction procedures. This treatment will also leave no scarring, and there is no recovery time as with other surgical procedures.

Now that you have all the information you need to take the next step with CoolSculpting, contact our medical professionals at E Med Spa in San Diego for an initial consultation. Have an in-depth discussion with one of our aesthetics experts about how CoolSculpting Treatment can help you get the body of your dreams. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will be there every step of the way to help you get the body you have always wanted.