Get Thicker and Fuller Lashes with Latisse

Get Thicker and Fuller Lashes with Latisse

Have you ever heard of hypotrichosis? While you may not be familiar with this term, if you wear mascara, it is likely a problem that you have. This term describes having eyelashes that are thin or inadequate. Mascara is the number one way that most individuals deal with this problem. While mascara does have its benefits, we invite you to learn how you can throw your mascara away and get thicker and darker lashes with Latisse.

Latisse is a prescription medication. This means that you need to meet with one of our doctors in order to start enjoying the benefits that come from this amazing product. Latisse is produced by Allergan. This company is also responsible for bringing other well-known cosmetic products to the market, like BOTOX®. You can feel confident knowing that it has been approved by the FDA in order to be used to enhance a person’s natural eyelashes.

The product is incredibly simple to apply. Once you receive your prescription for Latisse, you are going to receive a bottle of the product along with applicator brushes. In most cases, doctors recommend that their patients unscrew the top and then put one drop of the product into the cap. You will use one of the applicator brushes and dip it into the product. You will brush it on the upper eyelid right where the skin meets the lashes. The product is applied at night before going to bed. It is really that easy and simple.

Most individuals will start to see that their eyelashes are getting darker and thicker just six weeks from the time they start to use the product. The reason why the results are not immediate is because Latisse changes the growing cycle that your eyelashes go through. It lengthens the growing cycle and causes more hair to grow. This takes time. Most individuals can expect to see the full results from the product about four months from the time they start using it.

Are you ready to throw away your mascara and start enjoying the benefits that come from Latisse? Please contact us. We are excited to work with individuals who no longer want to use eyelash enhancers and want to improve the condition of their own eyelashes. You will be able to meet with one of our physicians who will prescribe the product to you. After just a couple of weeks, you are going to start to notice that your eyelashes look darker, longer, and thicker. Contact E Med Spa today to schedule your consultation! We have two offices both conveniently located in El Cajon, CA.